360° Management

From the creative concept to the 360° management of the graphics, we provide the prototyping and production of our proposals, we install them worldwide, thanks to our own fleet and our skilled window-fitters. The production departments include carpentry, plastic processing, painting, wide format digital printing, electric department, metal carpentry, cardboard, department, interior finish construction.

We have many years of cooperation with partners for additional productions (audio video, plant certification, glass processing, galvanic treatments, plastic sublimation, moulds and thermoforming).
Thanks to our experience and professionalism, we are welcome in all the world's most important shops and department stores, knowing and handling all entrance and security procedures to perfection.
With the large space we own (approx. 8000 m2), our logistics department is capable to handle and move large quantities of materials, which our exclusive nationwide outfitting platforms are then able to sort simultaneously.

On request, our technical department provides the site survey and inspection of the locations chosen for the installation, carrying out the strictly technical survey and environmental inspection.
Our back office provides the reporting and retro planning of the activities carried out, issuing from time to time all the feedback necessary for the analysis of the campaign, event or individual showcase.

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We provide 360° services


Our creative people conceive the project giving an actual shape to your ideas


The design department engineers and develops the concept searching for the most suitable technical solutions and the most ground-breaking materials


The graphic department optimizes the images and realizes the crops for getting as much visibility as possible


The production departments realize the prototypes for guaranteeing the preview vision of the final product


In our warehouse we can handle thousands of parcels and stock large quantities of materials, ready for the installations


Our dedicate teams are able to face the toughest challenges, in Italy, in Europe, everywhere in the world


An essential and indispensable feedback service on complex campaigns on thousands of points of sale, as well as on the individual shop


Our engineers personally visit the identified site for the technical and environmental inspection, necessary for the best possible installation dell’allestimento

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